Our Mission

Provide a happier life for the ones who are fighting for their dreams!

For employees

Provide a happier (material and spiritual) life for the partners who are fighting for the dream of Risfond.

For candidates

Help talented managers to realize their dreams and move forward in their careers.

For clients

Assist entrepreneurs with dreams to achieve greater success.

Our Vision

  • To have 500 headhunting branches and a 10,000-person team
  • To establish at least 3 companies in the upstream or downstream industries each with annual revenue of RMB 10 million
  • To be the most influential brand in China’s human resources industry
  • To have at least a 50,000-person team
  • To grow into a human capital group with annual revenue of RMB 10 billion
  • To become a well-known Chinese private enterprise
  • Our Valuation

  • Sincerity
  • True and magnanimous, give warmth to others

    Honest and trustworthy, spare no effort to our promises

  • Enterprise
  • Never feel content, and never stop facing new challenges

    Keep up with the times, and always stay hungry

  • Sharing
  • Win-win thinking - the more we share the better we grow

    Empty cup mentality - remember “pride brings pain and modesty brings benefit

  • Responsibility
  • Dare to take responsibilities, and often contemplate on our own mistakes

    Be grateful, and be ready to help others

  • Innovation
  • Dare to explore and make quick, low-cost experiments

    Allow failure, and treat the future with awe

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